About Us


EAPC (Employee Assistance Programs Service Center) was formally founded on February 25, 2001 with the guidance by Ministry of Labor in Taiwan, providing companies with EAP services, crisis intervention and employee counseling.

On the basis of providing employees with diverse and professional counseling and consultation services, we go beyond the limitations on counseling only services providing further assistance including legal, financial and medical consultation. With the integration and implement of various social resources we also assist companies and their employees to cope with problems and issues in their everyday life as an alternative to face-to-face counseling sessions.

The aim of our services is to offer companies the opportunity of establishing their EAP service systems so that by means of professional assistance with confidentiality and diversity their employees manage to enjoy their work, which benefits both the productivity and growth of companies.



2001 Foundation of EAPC
2002 Host of international EAP conferences
2004 Host (or participant) of international seminars on telephone counseling in Asia-pacific regions
2009 Edification and publishing of Start with the Heart out of Unemployment: What to do in Time of Career Change? For Ministry of Labor in Taiwan
2010 Edification and publishing of EAP Guidance Manual For Ministry of Labor in Taiwan
2010-2012 Provision of EAP services to Ministry of Labor in Taiwan
2012 Edification and publishing of EAP Implement Manual For Ministry of Labor in Taiwan
2013 Establishment of client information system


Our Services

Counseling & Consultation:
Work and career development, family care, interpersonal relationship, intimate relationship, life philosophy, sex issues, and physical and mental stress.

Psychiatric Consultation:
Panic disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and somatoform disorder.

Legal Consultation:
Debts, inheritance, traffic accidents and law suits.

Financial Consultation:
Individual finance, family finance, taxation planning, and financial management.

Management Consultation:
Employee management and support and crisis intervention.

Organizational Training:
Monthly seminars, workshops, HR coaching, and theme-focused programs.


Program Planning& Implement

Acknowledge companies’ needs → plan courses → discuss contents → run courses → evaluate and assess course efficacy



Leadership training:
Leading and inspiring with high efficiency, new age employee management, conflict and emotion management, team leadership, roles and challenges of executives, discovery of employees problems and assistance, crisis intervention, leaders’ sensitivity training and caring capacity, and performance review and interviews.

Team training:
Communication between departments, team inspiration and cooperation.

Human Resources:
Guardian angel system, caring for new employees, prevention of sexual harassment, and recruitment and exit interviews.

Workplace seminars:
Monthly meetings on self care and resource acquisition, well-being check-ups, and health and wellness workshops on fragrance therapy, stress coping, emotional management and professional advice on legal and financial issues.

Theme-focused projects:
Health promoting workshops, bereavement group therapy, and individual growth groups.